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Officine Meccaniche Ripamonti

In the field of precision-engineering and in particular in the production of critical components, the trust of the customer towards his supplier is a fundamental and indispensable element: after more than 40 years of history, our ambition remains the same: meet customer needs, even beyond national borders. From the quality of the product supplied to the process management, from the specialization of people to their continuing education, from the machine tools to high-tech refinement of production systems, from hi-tech measuring instruments for the execution of internal testing and certification, we want to tell our story proudly, starting from the idea of his young founder, until arriving to our days …


The Officine Meccaniche Ripamonti, founded as individual firm by Mr. Gianmario Ripamonti in 1974, was established as general partnership in 1977 with the arrival in the company of Mr. Ripamonti’s brothers.
At first, the company has been created as a generic mechanical turning, then it has subsequently developed expanding the fleet and specializing in the machining of complex parts, mechanical components for combustion plants and iron and steel, components and spare parts of plants for energy generation. Consequently, the need to grow, in the early 90s the company bought an industrial unit, and moved from Palazzago to Almenno San Bartolomeo.

Since then, the working spaces have been gradually expanded up to reach the present area of 11,000 square meters, of which 4000 related to the workshop. The choice to focus on quality products and services, without any kind of compromise, has had good results for the growth and development of Officine Meccaniche Ripamonti [ [download the brochure].

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ISO 9001

The continuous improvement in all areas of the production process has led the Officina Meccanica Ripamonti in 1996 to the ISO 9001 certification for the design and manufacture of products solutions increasingly innovative and performing.

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The Officina Meccanica Ripamonti has undertaken a series of initiatives aimed at limiting the use of resources: as evidenced by the significant installed photovoltaic system; that have made the autonomous company for a good part of the electrical energy consumption.