The high-tech cutting-edge combined with the professionalism of the staff working for Officine Meccaniche Ripamonti can satisfy the processing demand for components, mechanical construction including in the field of Oil & Gas and oil industry.
These areas require increasingly experience and skill to machine sophisticated mechanical components (such as Inconel 625 and 718, nimonic, duplex etc.). The high precision of the machining made by Officine Meccaniche Ripamonti meets the needs of the market, bringing the quality of the Made in Italy into extraction sites all over the world.
The high qualitative value of the materials used for mining equipment together with our machining, helps to increase the life of the products, even and especially if these components have to be situated in subsea systems at great depths, and then, subjected to great pressure. Among manufactured parts, we include: shafts, valves, tubing hangers, actuator components, swivels etc.